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Zayna | Zeal | Zaidan


Zayna is my first girl. Boy oh boy is she a force!!! She is fiercely independent but wants to be with me ALWAYS, and is quite outspoken when she doesn’t get her way! She has more energy than any dog I’ve ever had. She will work all day long, every day. Zayna always has been and continues to be super naughty. You name it, she’s done it, and she never has any remorse. She thinks getting in trouble is quite amusing. When Zayna puts her mind to something, nothing…and I mean nothing, will stop her.  She makes me laugh every single day and is definitely my bestie. It’s taken some time and lots of patience on my part, but she is really coming around with her obedience work. She tries super hard, is confident, resilient and can work under pressure. Zayna won the Novice Class at the 2019 Eukanuba Classic in Florida. She finished her UD February 2020 and is now working on her Obedience Championship. She is tons of fun to train and trial. I’m super excited about our future together!


Zeal is my seven-year old competition obedience dog. He is an Obedience Trial Champion, has won quite a number of Regionals, has numerous perfect scores of 200, placed third at the National Obedience Championship and has won the Masters class at the Eukanuba Classic in Florida. We are so in tune now competing is always lots of fun.  No matter what happens, Zeal always does his best.  Zeal is also my demo dog for seminars and webinars.  He has always been a “good boy”.  As a puppy he NEVER did anything naughty. He still doesn’t! He lives to please me. When not working he is incredibly mellow. He is very affectionate and loves chewing marrow bones…he can do that all day long! He practically sleeps on top of me. Zeal is my cuddle bug!

In October 2020 Zeal and Zayna competed in the New Hampshire Regional Qualifier. Teams are placed according to cumulative scores over three days of trialing.  Zeal placed first and Zayna placed second!  Not only did Zeal win the overall, he scored a Perfect 200! This was an especially exciting weekend for Zayna because it was her first Regional and her first three-day trial.  Good girlie!

Update: Zeal is the Champ! In 2020 he followed in his Dad’s footsteps and won the National Obedience Championship! So proud of my little guy! Especially proud of the fact that he was relaxed and happy throughout all TWENTY runs. The final four runs are posted below.


Zaidan just turned 9.  Where did the time go?  He became my agility dog because, well, he loves it and is great at it!!  I’m not that great at it, but learning is always a process and he forgives me!  He is also my walking and running buddy. In November 2019 he had surgery to repair his ACL, but he has been rehabbing nicely and is slowly returning back to full activity. Zaidan has a number of issues with anxiety and regulating his nervous system. He presents with many of the same symptoms as a person with autism. I am glad he ended up with me!! I have learned soooo much from him that has benefitted many other dogs as well. He is silly, funny and takes care of his pack (including me!!). He is super sweet and worries about everyone.  Zaidan loves his routine and as long as we stick to it all is well.

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