What’s Your Story
Recently I haven’t been feeling right. Something was off, just wasn’t sure what it was…. As always, listen to the universe and the answer will come. Yesterday I picked a random podcast and half-way through they talk about “your story”. The story we create for ourselves. A story typically based on past experiences. This morning I started the next chapter in a book I’ve been reading and what was the topic? “Your story!” And how to rewrite it. This is not the first time I’ve heard this, or worked on it. But somewhere along the line I forgot. And slipped out of my new story into my old story. A story based on old feelings and beliefs that never served me. A story based on past life experiences. Stories I subconsciously reinforced and strengthened for decades. I had worked hard to change those stories. Very hard. And even though I consciously curate what I read, watch and listen to, negative stories crept back in. All I had to do was unwittingly leave the door open just a crack. And the old stories happily came storming in. This was a wakeup call. Pay attention. What story am I repeating. Take the time to rewrite the stories. I had set new goals in the past months, but didn’t take the time to change the story behind them. What stories have I been telling myself? I know I can finish the half marathon. But my time won’t be great. I’m much slower now. Underlying story….I’m old, I won’t be fast. I spent time coming up with a solid retirement plan. But I keep modifying it… Maybe I’ll be able to live in Colorado, but maybe not, maybe I can winter somewhere warm…but maybe not. I don’t have a pension so I’ll still have to work and won’t really be able to fully retire. Underlying story… you’re a loser. You don’t have a pension like everyone else. You won’t be able to live out West. You don’t deserve to be fully retired. You need to keep working hard. That’s the price you are paying for having hobbies and doing things you like all those years. You should have worked harder. What’s wrong with you. I have goals for Zayna. But I don’t really FEEL like I’ll achieve them. My story… she’s not as good as Tyler or Zeal. I’m not a good trainer. I can’t get her to the highest level. I’m a fraud. And everyone knows it. I’m not really that good. But I’m the one that created these stories. And whether I’m thinking of them consciously or subconsciously, I’m looking for evidence to support them. And I will find that evidence. Lots of it. But if I’ve created my stories then I can certainly create other stories. New stories with different endings and outcomes. And if I believe the new stories, I will find evidence to support them. And lots of it. I know that I must work on not just writing them, but SEEING and FEELING the outcome. The good news is, I’ve done it before. And I know from first-hand experience it works. I’ve already written a few of those stories, and I’m in the process of rewriting others. In just one day I feel remarkably better. I’m super excited about my future!! I feel energized and optimistic. I’m excited about my new stories!! I know I will have to put in daily work to anchor the new stories. And I will have to be vigilant. Make sure I don’t open the door, even the tiniest crack, to let the old stories in. And that’s ok. Most people aren’t even aware that they have written a story. Never mind that they can change it. Many people cling desperately to their story. Even if it doesn’t serve them. The good news is that you can change your story at any age, at any time, as many times as you want. You just have to be willing. Willing to recognize the stories you have written. Willing to acknowledge that they are not giving you the results you want. Willing to put in the work to rewrite them. And willing to commit to nurturing and fostering them until they BECOME your new stories. I’m excited about my new stories…What’s your story?