What to Expect

You are an integral part of your dog’s rehabilitation team and process. We work together to rebuild your dog’s strength, mobility and function.

During your first visit to Petra’s Dog Resource Center, your pup will undergo an initial evaluation with our highly experienced certified rehabilitation therapist. Our first priority is to make sure this is a good experience for your dog. You are with your dog throughout the entire process. After obtaining a complete medical history, we perform a full and thorough examination of your dog. We palpate the entire dog, looking for any heat, muscle tightness, restricted motion, or swelling. We explain all of our findings and recommendations to you. Your dog’s first treatment session starts that day. We understand that each dog is an individual and tailor all of our treatment programs around your pet’s needs. Based on our findings we will develop a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment plan.  We always give you a few simple exercises that you can do at home with your dog.  Throughout your dog’s treatment over subsequent visits, we carefully monitor progress and adjust their treatment plan as necessary to achieve the best results. We are always accessible by telephone or email to talk about your dog’s rehabilitation needs.

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Payment Options

Payment by cash or check is preferred. We do accept all major credit cards.

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