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Petra’s mission is to help dogs and owners communicate more effectively and live more harmoniously—from basic obedience to top level competition obedience training, canine conditioning, starting your puppy out the right way or foundation pet behavior. Toward that end, she offers webinars, online courses and a membership-based website.

Petra has also added personalized Online Consults and Private Lessons.

Webinars, Workshops, and Online Programs

All webinars and courses are presented by Petra Ford, a two-time National Obedience Champion and winner of the Crufts World Cup. More importantly, Petra is known for her dogs’ style and animation in the ring. The connection she has with her dogs when training and trialing are her hallmark.

Petra’s Upcoming Courses, Workshops & Webinars at FDSA

Petra is an instructor at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, an on-line training school. She teaches six-week classes on a variety of topics related to competition obedience and canine conditioning. Petra offers Webinars and Workshops every month at FDSA. 

Upcoming Webinars
Get Out Of The House
Happy Heeling Patterns
Creating Cues to Manage Arousal for Competition
Upcoming Classes
In this class we will cover acclimation, how to teach your dog to offer engagement, what to do when we lose engagement, and how to best utilize our reinforcers. We will look at how to maintain engagement when the dog is in front of us, next to us and away from us.
We will look at games that teach dogs how to handle pressure in a positive way. We will also look at games that maintain drive, especially for behaviors that are in the middle of the chain.
Dogs taking this class should be fluent in the primary parts of the open and utility exercises. If they don’t know the exercise, they won’t be able to find the answer to win the game which is not fair. They don’t need to be ring ready. They just need to have a solid understanding of the principal parts of the exercise.
There is no escaping it. Our dogs will be under pressure in the ring. So let’s prepare them for it! Many people are not aware that the majority of errors in the ring are the result of some sort of pressure.
There are lots of fronts and finishes in obedience! Fronts and finishes are incredibly complicated. They consist of many pieces that all need to come together. Because they are so difficult, the error ratio tends to be high. Which leads to frustration for both dog and handler.
Maybe your dog knows utility but their work is lackluster. Or your dog is struggling with certain pieces of the exercises. This course will help you too. Set a solid foundation and your dog will be an awesome Utility dog!! This class is appropriate for dogs of all ages and all levels.

* Upcoming workshops without links will be added soon. Also check the FDSA Calendar.


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Online Courses | Mini Clinics

ALL the content for all Mini-Clinics and Courses can be viewed by Gold Subscription Members.
Every course has a week-by-week description including videos and homework. Gold Memberships can be purchased in our Shop. To view the Mini Clinics, click the “Members Only” menu item and navigate to “Mini Clinics”. All clinics will be accessible, once you are logged in.
Heeling Distractions
In this mini clinic we will break distractions down into manageable pieces so our dogs can be successful.
Racy Retrieves
This clinic will breaks the retrieve down into components. We will work on creating drive to the dumbbell, ensuring your dog has good commitment to picking it up, creating a tight turn and racing back to us.
Confident and Happy Holds
In this two-week clinic you will learn how to teach your dog a consistent and reliable “hold” without using force or pressure.
Fabulous Fronts and Finishes
This course will help you teach fronts and finishes that are accurate, flashy and fun.
Heeling Engagement
In this clinic we will work on setting the foundation for engagement in heel position. Then we will use engagement to drive the first step of heeling and incorporate it into motion.
Heeling Perfect Position
This clinic will break heeling down so that we can focus on teaching position in a way that is clear to the dog. We will teach it like a trick! Dogs think it’s a fun game which helps to reduce pressure and promotes attitude.
Training to Trial: A Successful Transition
How do I get the same performance at a trial that I get in training? That is one of the most common challenges in the sport of competitive obedience.

PDRC Webinars

All of Petra’s Webinars can be purchased in the Shop and are listed below. Past Webinars are available for viewing online, anytime.

Webinars are, on average, 45 to 90 minutes long. All of Petra’s webinars contain video clips demonstrating the techniques discussed in the presentation.  If you purchase a webinar, it will be available in your Dashboard on your My Account > Downloads page for 4 months.

Available webinars for download/purchase: 

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Would you like to work with Petra one-on-one but live too far away?  She will use the format that works best for you and provide feedback to videos you send. If she needs to demo something, she will record it and send it to you. Petra can also provide video chat lessons, or any combination that fits your needs. She also offers online personalized fitness programs. Contact her today to see if this is a good option for you and your dog!