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Congratulations to Petra and Zeal on winning the 2020 National Obedience Championship!!

Have a new puppy and don’t have time to train?  Wish your adult dog had better manners? Going on vacation and want your dog to be educated and stimulated while boarding. Want to leave your dog for the day for training by one of our expert staff?  Or come for a one-on-one lesson?

We can help!

With our reward-based training program, your dog will have fun while learning good manners. An educated dog is a happy dog! Dogs LOVE to learn! We will work on teaching your dog basic obedience commands. If your dog has basic manners and you want more, we can teach them more advanced obedience exercises. We believe in keeping training fun. Every puppy/dog is a unique individual, and our training is tailored accordingly. Once your pup is evaluated, a specialized program will be designed for him/her. Our puppy training programs are based on positive reinforcement. Your puppy will think they’re playing, making it a fun way for them to interact with both our trainers and you. We can also guide your puppy through various confidence-building exercises and expose them to different environmental distraction.

Our training method is based on patience, praise, and consistency. YOU are an important part of your dog’s success. If you leave your dog for training (Daily “Stay and Train” or “Board and Train”) we will provide you and your family with instructional videos or one-on-one instruction to ensure a smooth transition and for optimal carryover of your dog’s new behaviors.

We do not accept dogs with major aggression issues.

For dogs in our Board and Train program:  Dogs learn fastest with short sessions interspersed with play, which makes board & train much more effective than the traditional classes or private lessons.

Most common commands:

  • To come when called (Recall command)
  • To not jump on people (unless invited to do so)
  • To be quiet when told
  • To wait at open doors
  • To walk nicely on leash (heel)
  • To drop or release items from their mouth.
  • To sit command
  • To down on command
  • To remain on a place mat (bed, rug or mat) and stay there
  • To wait on command

This is not an exhaustive list of commands.

REMEMBER:  Because every dog and household has different needs, we personalize your dog’s training program. Commands will be discussed at our initial meeting.

“Stay and Train” pricing starts at $100 per day and includes:

  • Initial meeting to draw up/create a program for your dog and family’s needs.
  • Intensive training interspersed with play and confidence building activities.
  • Full days’ stay in boarding

If you would like to have your dog stay overnight instead of just for the day, there is an additional $39 boarding fee.


Puppies and dogs must be current on these vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • Bordatella

Canine influenza is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Please discuss your pet’s vaccination schedule with your veterinarian. Titers will be accepted with proper documentation.

Vaccination records must be sent to our office prior to arrival.

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