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Training Tips

We hope you enjoy this Free Training Tips Playlist. After each individual video, the next video will automatically play. There are 33 videos in the Playlist (so far). Topics are listed below the video. Enjoy!
  • Zayna Broad Jump Training Session
  • Miller eat nicely
  • Rylee Sit
  • Postures with Leo
  • Zayna Rylee Drive into First Step of Heeling
  • Rylee Luring
  • Hold
  • Using “touch” to drive into heel position (Part 1)
  • Using “touch” to drive into heel position (Part 2)
  • Hand height for finishes using touch
  • Fronts up close
  • Nose work
  • PurpleDay1Session1
  • Teaching Bounce
  • Set Ups with Zayna
  • PurpleDay1 Session 1A
  • Judge Pressure on Front
  • Hind End Awareness
  • Tight Turn & Sit
  • Drop on Recall
  • Focal Point Behind
  • Mark using Target
  • Stand Position
  • Position
  • Set Ups with Pzest
  • Set ups with Touch
  • Heeling Position
  • Eye Contact
  • Bucket Step 1
  • Determining Heel Position FDSA
  • Reward Delivery Fronts FDSA
  • Reward Delivery Heel Position FDSA
  • Heeling Errors
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