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Petra's Dog Resource Center

Testimonial Category: Dog Training


We recently signed up for one of the 6 week classes for our 3 year old male dog. He can be dog reactive, very excitable, and anxious- which is a lot to deal with on the local walks. We signed up with the goal of learning how to manage these behaviors and have him learn how to self-regulate. The classes were tailored to our individualized needs each week. Lots of resources were shared and sent out to us. It was also great because it was a small class size, so I did not need to be constantly concerned another dog was too close for the comfort level of my dog.


Do you have a dog who could use a little help in the manners department? If so, Rylee, at Petra’s Dog Rescue Center is the person to see. She has helped our rambunctious puppy, Charlie, become “almost” civilized. He now responds well to commands and has mastered the art of paw/hand shaking. Everyone we’ve met at Petra’s has been friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the well-being of the dogs entrusted to their care. While we have not needed it, there is also rehab care and boarding available. In addition, doggy day care with puppy socialization is a wonderful program staffed by true dog-lovers. Charlie loves everyone who works there and gets excited whenever he knows we’re taking him there. Whatever training, boarding, or day care needs you have, Petra’s is the place to go!


Chance improved dramatically during the time with Rylee! He moved from a dog that would not listen to a dog that progressively listened to commands and improved along the way. An added benefit was the videos after each session which were emailed to us. We could review these as needed to make sure that we were doing exactly what Rylee did in training. Chance walks so much better! His leash is loose and he does no pull. He sits and sometimes even without a command! Just this week I introduced Chance to Enzo a big Sheep dog in our neighborhood. They have socialized very well the last three days! We could not be happier with our experience with Petra’s and especially with Rylee! And, the bath Chance received was excellent! He smells wonderful even a few weeks later.We will go back to Petra’s as needed. We highly recommend Petra’s.