Soft Tissue Injuries

Max Chainani

Max is an incredibly handsome 4-year-old White German Shepherd that started rehab with us because he was limping with his left rear leg.  Fortunately, it was not a CCL tear. His owners were very relieved because they were hoping to avoid surgery. He did however have a severe bilateral iliopsoas muscle strain. We reassured them that he could be rehabilitated without surgery. His owners did an amazing job keeping him quiet at home and following our instructions. His therapy with Laurie consisted of weekly massage to decrease the spasming in the iliopsoas muscles. He also had trigger points and muscle tightness throughout his body due to compensation. Massage, manual therapy, and cold laser helped resolve the trigger points and release tight muscles.  He also received aqua therapy to strengthen his muscles in a controlled manner.  Max enjoys coming to therapy and especially loves Laurie!!  Max has been pain-free and is slowly returning to normal activities. Good boy Max!!

Soft Tissue Injury Success Stories Petras Dog Resource Center NJ
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