Senior Dogs

At Aqua Paws, we LOVE our Super Seniors!  Nothing is more rewarding than helping improve their quality of life.

Rocky Buhl

So, a boxer with a “black eye” named Rocky? How fitting! This little fighter came to see us initially for hip dysplasia, arthritis in the knee and muscle atrophy in the rear legs. What else would you expect from a retired “boxer”, right?

There were a lot of things he used to do that he just wasn’t doing anymore. We started out slow with him with some massage and manual therapy, laser therapy and therapeutic exercises. Later we added some aqua therapy to help to build some muscle and strength in those legs. Now he walks for longer periods in the tank and he definitely loves getting his massage!! He enjoys coming to see us. AND he is doing things that he didn’t used to now!! Helping this fighter get back in shape has been a blast and we are glad that he is doing well.

Petra's Dog Resource Center - Canine Rehab
Petra's Dog Resource Center - Senior Dogs


Tressa is a 12-year old German Shepherd Dog.  She was training at the Seeing Eye but barked to much to finish the program.  So she came to live with her current family.  Her brother, Griffin, was coming to us because he was a senior dog that was having difficulty getting around.  With therapy, he had better quality of life until he passed away.  Mom and dad noticed that Tressa was slowing down at home.  She had developed arthritis in her spine and hips.  They wanted to start therapy to maintain her strength, mobility and quality of life for as long as possible.   To this day, she comes every week.  She is still completely independent and enjoys time with her brother Nanook and her kitty siblings.  She loves her treats and mom and dad are very pleased with her progress.

Petra's Dog Resource Center - Senior Dogs


Maya is a 13-year old Labrador and a perfect example of how beneficial therapy is for seniors.  Maya started coming to Aqua Paws in September 2018 for severe arthritis in her hips.  She had lost a lot of muscle tone in her hind end and struggled to get up and move around.  She was unable to do the things she loved like swimming, going on nice walks and playing with her dad.  Maya gets aqua therapy to increase her strength, laser therapy to reduce inflammation and manual therapy to regain range of motion and manage pain. Her mom and dad tell us that they have seen a huge improvement in her quality of life.  Maya is more comfortable, and most importantly, playing catch with her owners again. Her veterinarian is thrilled with her progress as well. We are all so happy for her!

Petra's Dog Resource Center - Canine Rehab
Petra's Dog Resource Center - Senior Dogs


Mandie is an 8-year old Great Pyrenees. She was a rescue and already had hind end weakness when she was adopted.  This was probably because she was kept in a crate most of the time with very little exercise before she was rescued. When she came to us for physical therapy, her owner told us that she was diagnosed with degenerative myelitis and had recently undergone a procedure to manage arthritis in her right shoulder.  He was particularly concerned about her hind end weakness which was progressing.  Since coming to us, Mandie’s owner has noticed a big improvement.   Even her vet thinks she has made noticeable progress with her strength and mobility.  Not only has her shoulder gotten better, she has been able to hold her hind legs under her more with less splaying and is gaining strength in her hind end.  She can do things now that she hasn’t done in quite some time.  She is able to walk for longer distances, can traverse the backyard with uneven footing and is back to going to the park to meet new people and dogs which she loves.   She even played with the little kids!  She is becoming happier and stronger by coming to us for physical therapy.  Her dad plans to continue therapy so she can gain even more strength and endurance.

Petra's Dog Resource Center NJ - Senior Dogs
Petra's Dog Resource Center Canine Hydrotherapy NJ - Senior Dogs
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