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Rest & Rehab Success Stories

Meet Zima!

She came all the way from Massachusetts to stay with us for rest and rehab after experiencing an FCE (spinal stroke) which caused almost complete loss of function in her left hind leg. After almost a month of intensive rehab, she regained a significant amount of use in that leg and she was at the point where her family felt comfortable taking her home. She will be continuing rehab with a facility close to her home in MA. We wish you the best of luck, Zima!!

Meet Diamond!

He is a 3 year old Rottweiler that suffered from TWO FCE’s. An FCE is a spinal cord stroke. Typically dogs with an FCE become paralyzed in one or two hind legs. Diamond suffered two separate stokes leaving his hind legs weak and his left front paralyzed. He came into our facility unable to walk without complete support from two people. He stayed with us in Rest and Rehab for four weeks to maximize his rehabilitation potential. After weeks of therapy he was able to stand and walk on his own! We were so excited to see his progress!! Diamond was able to go home to his prior life and family.

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