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Q the Pig

We have a client that was bringing her paralyzed dog to therapy every week. One day she told us she was getting a baby pig. We told her she HAD to bring it in so we could all see it. I heard that pigs were smart. No surprise that I wanted to see if I could train him! When we met “Q” his mom brought him in a puppy carrier. He was utterly adorable, and learned several tricks in short order.  Every week she brought Q in to our rehab center, and I spent some time training him.  Mom would practice at home.  Q has learned basic agility, obedience and tons of tricks. He can retrieve a dumbbell, play the piano, put toys in a basket and “shake the bacon” (the pig version of giving a paw). Q loves coming to visit us (as long as it’s not too cold or wet outside!). Q never fails to make all of us laugh when he comes for Friday night “pig shenanigans”.

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