Speaking Dog




Dogs are our children, best friends, and teammates. We have a strong tendency to communicate with them in human terms. However, English is not our dogs’ native tongue. They do an admirable job learning our language and navigating the human world.

We are not as good at speaking dog. We tend to interpret dog behavior in human terms. This often causes confusion, stress and anxiety in our dogs. Humans are, after all, a temperamental, inconsistent and confusing lot. When dogs do not respond to our commands, we typically think they are naughty, stubborn, independent, distracted, etc. In truth, they likely don’t understand what we want. Or we have inadvertently taught them that our commands are somewhat meaningless, especially in certain situations. Learning to speak “dog” is only fair! It will deepen your relationship and you will see positive changes in your dog’s behavior. More importantly, your dogs will be calmer, happier and less anxious. You will see a significant improvement in your dog’s confidence in both in training and in the ring. In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to Recognize when our dogs are trying to tell us something
  • How to Interpret and Understand what they are actually saying
  • How to provide Clear and Consistent information that our DOGS understand
  • Looking at the Environment and Ring from a Dog’s perspective when training and trialing
  • Understanding Pressure (environment, judge, handler) from a dog’s perspective
  • Analyzing Errors our dogs make in training and in the ring
  • Accurately Reading your dog’s Body Language
  • How Drive State impacts communication
  • Creating Trust, Confidence and a Powerful Relationship


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