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Puppy FUNdation!




Congratulations on your puppy! Puppies are loads of fun and we can’t wait to start training them. Let’s be sure to start them off on the right paw! In this webinar I will share the foundation skills I teach my puppies and explain why I choose these particular skills. I will discuss how to build drive and channel drive depending on your puppy’s needs. My two primary goals when training a puppy are teaching them how to learn and building a strong relationship based on clear communication. I use this time to really get to know my puppy’s personality in life and when training. Armed with that information I can set my training sessions up for success—and so can you! This webinar will benefit puppies of all ages.

This webinar is presented by Petra Ford, a two-time National Obedience Champion and winner of the World Cup.  More importantly, Petra is known for her dog’s style and animation in the ring. The connection she has with her dogs when training and trialing are her hallmark.

Webinars are, on average, 45 to 90 minutes long. All of Petra’s webinars contain video clips demonstrating the techniques discussed in the presentation. Webinars are available for purchase up until 1 hour prior to the Release Time. Webinars are pre-recorded, thereby greatly reducing potential audio and video technology issues. If you purchase a webinar, it will be available in your Dashboard on your Account Page for 4 months. When you sign up for the webinar, it becomes available on the Release Date and you will have access to it for four months after the Release Date date. However, if you do not watch it during the live airing, you will not be able to participate in the Q&A portion. Questions can be submitted using the “Question Box” while viewing the webinar live and for half an hour after the webinar ends. Within three days, Petra will record the “Questions and Answers”. That recording will then become available to everyone that purchased the corresponding webinar.