Heeling Building Blocks




November 11, 2019 | 7:00 PM EDT | $24.95

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Heeling is the most complex, obedience exercise and takes the longest to train.   It is also the most beautiful when everything comes together! Heeling is a dance that should express joy and teamwork. I break heeling down into pieces that will make sense to you AND your dog.  With clarity and good communication, your dog will be happy, relaxed and precise.

Whether you are just starting to teach your dog how to heel, or your dog knows how to heel but could use some improvement, this webinar is for you. I will have demo videos of my dogs as well as a smaller dog.   This webinar will cover my heeling building blocks which consist of focal point, engagement and position. We will discuss how to teach and maintain each one and, most importantly, how to consistently communicate to your dog exactly WHICH piece you are addressing.


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