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Petra's Dog Resource Center


Gold Membership – Monthly Subscription

$39.99 / Months

With a Gold Membership you will have:

  1. The ability to view all videos, mini clinics, six-week classes and online courses
  2. The ability to view all newly added video clips each month
  3. The ability to drive content by requesting a new topic each month
  4. The ability to participate in PDRC Community Forum discussions
  5. The ability to post questions in the Forum and receive commentary and feedback from Petra
  6. The ability to view all content submitted by Silver and Bronze Members, along with Petra’s feedback on submissions

Gold Subscription members can submit up to four, 90-second videos a month (using a YouTube or Vimeo link) for critique and feedback from Petra.

Membership will renew every month. Cancel any time. 

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