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Petra's Dog Resource Center


Engagement IS The Missing Piece




Engagement empowers your dog and creates a relationship that carries into the ring.  Engagement is built through a series of fun tricks.   Your dog will deal with the environment and distractions with confidence.  In this webinar, we will address engagement as a dog’s choice.  Engagement training helps us understand our dog(s) and personalize their training program. It brings joy and laughter to our training.

In this webinar we will address:

Reading and speaking “dog”;

Clear and consistent communication skills;

Creating a mindset that builds trust and deepens your relationship;

Identifying and adapting to your dog’s learning style;

Engagement games that are based on tricks;

Dealing with distractions in a positive way;

Feeding your dog’s ego to improve confidence.

This 1 ½ hour webinar contains 17 video clips demonstrating engagement techniques.