Argo Schweizer

In October last year, Argo suffered an iliopsoas strain injury at an IPO 2 competition, after which he immediately came to us for rehabilitation. He started laser therapy, stretches and aqua therapy along with his home exercise program.  Over time his injury healed.  Now we had to focus on core and hind end strengthening.  This boy works HARD!!  We had to make sure he was super fit before returning to work.  He now comes bimonthly for maintenance and injury prevention! And oh boy does he look forward to coming, he just cannot wait to come in and run right for the treadmill!!

In May of this year, Argo entered the 2019 Working Dog Championship (a national competition) and earned an IPO 3 under difficult judging and placed 11th out of 75 dogs. He competed against many seasoned IPO 3 dogs and was the youngest to compete and pass!

Argo’s owner has even quoted, “There is no doubt that the rehabilitation with Petra and the guidance for at home exercise not only expedited the healing of Argo’s iliopsoas strain but made him stronger for future trials.”

Petra's Dog Resource Center - Performance Dogs
Petra's Dog Resource Center - Performance Dogs


Bailey is a stunning two-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She competes in Conformation and is one of the top Ridgebacks in the country.  When she first came to Aqua Paws, we diagnosed her with an iliopsoas muscle strain and rehabilitated her.  She continues to come to us for conditioning to ensure she remains fit and in peak condition as a prime representation of her breed.  This year she won Best of Opposite at her National Specialty!  What an honor!  She works out in the underwater treadmill, does core work at home with her dad and gets massaged to maintain her range of motion and to prevent injuries.  Check out her video below to see how beautifully she moves.

Petra's Dog Resource Center - Performance Dogs

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