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Our Rehab Team

Our Rehab Team is the Best!

Under the guidance of Petra Ford, P.T., CCRT, our Rehab Team consists of the following in house team members, as well as three excellent veterinarians that specialize in orthopedic/holistic treatment. We are well equipped to take care of your dog’s needs.

Meet Our In-House Team  (click below to view their bios)

Nicole Osborne, CCMT
Rylee Rose CPDT-KA

and our veterinarians below:

Petra's Dog Resource Center NJ - Dr. Casulu
Petra's Dog Resource Center NJ - Dr. Hallihan

I am thrilled that we also be work closely with Drs. Hallihan and Casulli of Animal Care Center right around the corner! This married couple runs a thriving business with two locations:  96 Bartley-Flanders Rd, Flanders, NJ 07836 and 175 Lakeside Boulevard, Landing, NJ 07850. Drs. Hallihan and Casulli are compassionate and highly experienced. They are supporting and supervising both our boarding kennel, Playful Paws at Petra’s and Aqua Paws. With their convenient location and exceptional veterinary care we are grateful for this working relationship. It is a wonderful resource for all of our clients.

Several years ago my 13 1/2 year old Duncan suddenly became ill while I was working at Aqua Dog. My regular vet at the time was on vacation so I rushed Duncan to the Animal Care Center. Even though we were not clients at the time, they took us right away. After a thorough exam we realized Duncan’s time had come. They were incredibly empathetic and supportive. I will never forget how wonderful they were at a time when I was so distraught.  It was clear that they cared deeply about Duncan and my relationship with him.

“As pet owners ourselves, we understand the vital role a pet plays in the family. Our common goal is to offer client education, preventative care and medical treatment that best services the needs of our patients and their families. Since 1998, Animal Care Centers has provided, with a gentle hand and a compassionate heart, the same quality care expected for our own pets.” I am confident that with their experience, knowledge and support we will be able to continue to providing all of our clients with excellent care.

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