Resident Kennel Manager

Nicole is a mother of three children and two little Chihuahuas. She has been in love and fascinated with animals since she can remember. Growing up her family lived close to a brook and patch of woods that was just filled with small creatures for her and her friend to catch and observe. They caught crayfish, tadpoles, pollywogs, frogs, snakes and anything else that wasn’t fast enough to get away. She learned how to handle animals gently to without them getting hurt.

Nicole joined 4H at a young age and was taught more skills on how to take care of animals. Her dream as a young child was to be a Veterinarian.  In  science class in high school her teacher kept an Iguana and corn snake in the classroom all year. Every day she could, she would hold the snake and slowly get the Iguana to let her pet it.  Eventually she was able to hold the Iguana. Her teacher told me her was amazed at her patience because the Iguana would never let anyone near him.

Nicole has owned and cared for many pets through the years—from dogs to snakes. Her love for dogs has inspired her to pursue a career with dogs.  She received her certification as a Canine Massage Therapist through the Brandenburg Massage Therapy school. She is excited to be working at Petra’s Dog Resource Center helping animals heal and get stronger so they can live their lives to the fullest. She’s also happy to be working at Petra’s Dog Resource Center caring lovingly for the dogs as if they were her own.