It’s A Dog’s World Welcomes

Petra Ford, PT, CCRT

 Sunday May 12th


This seminar will provide you with a variety of exercises that will improve your dog’s performance in the Obedience ring. 

Is your dog giving you a lackluster performance in the obedience ring? A conditioned dog will demonstrate an increase in energy, drive, focus and stamina!  Many problems in obedience can be improved with sport specific strengthening, body awareness and coordination exercises.

You will learn sports specific exercises to:

  • Strengthen your dog’s sit which influences fronts, finishes, halts, stays
  • Improve your dog’s hind end awareness influencing left turns, inside of figure 8, fronts and finishes
  • Stabilize and strengthen your dog’s stand (stand for exam, signals) and down (drop on recall, signal down)
  • Improve your dog’s jumping style and confidence

We will also work on handler body awareness to improve all exercises including heeling, fronts, finishes, pivots, signals, etc.

Working spots: $160

Audit spots: $90

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