Fiobrocartilagenous Embolism (“FCE”)

Tango Sperry

Tango is a gentle giant. He is a sweet, 100 lb Mastiff. A week before Tango’s 1st birthday, he found a stick on the ground and started playing with it. There was snow on the ground.  He threw the stick in the air and when he jumped to catch it, he twisted and his back folded in half. As a result, he suffered a fibrocartilaginous embolism (similar to a stroke in humans).

It looked as if he would be paralyzed for life.  His owners went to many different vets. A neurologist in Red Bank suggested they try aqua therapy and canine rehabilitation. He felt that Tango was still young and, at a minimum, he could learn to use his front end.

Tango came to us and started therapy twice a week for a while and he started to walk again. He continued to come weekly for maintenance. He walked really well for years but every once in awhile he would have a stroke and after every stroke he got weaker. Tango continued therapy and maintained his ability to walk without assistance for many years. He continues to come to us for aqua therapy once a week to keep his front end strong and to continue using all the muscles in his hind end so that he can maintain his strength. Even though he is older, he is doing great with his weekly aqua therapy!!



Meet Milo.  He is an incredibly sweet, 10-month old Labradoodle.

In August of 2018, he suffered a Fibrocartilagenous Embolism (“FCE”).  It’s the doggy version of a stroke.  As a result, he lost strength, balance, and proprioception (sense/awareness) in his hind legs.

Take a look at the first video to see how wobbly he was. Milo has been coming to Petra’s Dog Resource Center for aqua therapy, balance exercises, core strengthening exercises, manual therapy, and cold laser.  His family diligently works on his home exercise program. Milo is making great strides in therapy. View the videos below on how well he did after only 8 weeks of physical therapy.

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