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Training Dogs The Fun And Effective Way

Have a new puppy and don’t have time to train?  Wish your adult dog had better manners? Going on vacation and want your dog to be educated and stimulated while boarding. Want to leave your dog for the day for training by one of our expert staff?  Or come for a one-on-one lesson? We can help!

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Why Choose Us?

At Petra’s Dog Resource Center, we specialize in positive reinforcement techniques. Our approach is rooted in the belief that building a strong, trusting relationship while also working with your dog for who they are as an individual is key to successful training.

By incorporating encouragement and ensuring your dog continually experiences success, our training approach transforms the learning process into an enjoyable experience for your dog. We also emphasize the importance of letting dogs appropriately express their natural instincts, recognizing that a happy and well-behaved dog aligns with fulfilling their inherent needs.

By enabling your dog to express their natural instincts coupled with a fun approach to training, your dog will not only grasp the new behaviors being taught but will also retain them with enthusiasm and responsiveness. 

Group Classes And Private Lessons

We are now offering 1 hour small attendance group classes and 45 minute one-on-one private lessons for dogs of all ages. Our classes will have a maximum of 5 dogs, allowing more time for our instructor to help each individual, along with more time for you to ask questions. We have access to a large outdoor fenced yard to help your dog progress their skills as they move through the class. Each dog will be placed into a class appropriate for their skill level, with the option to fast-track your dog into a higher level through private sessions.

Level 1: Puppy Life Skills

Appropriate for dogs 6 months or younger. 

A 6 week group class that focuses on teaching both you and your puppy how to navigate their new world! 

Level 1: Listen To Me!

Appropriate for dogs 6 months or older with little to no training. 

This class is focused on teaching your dog to enjoy listening to you! 

Level 2: House Skills

Appropriate for dogs 6 months or older who have completed a training class.

This class is focused on teaching your dog to enjoy listening to you! 

Level 2: CGC Foundation

Appropriate for dogs 6 months or older who have completed a training class.

This class is focused on teaching your dog to enjoy listening to you! 

Day Training

For dogs of all ages. We will train your dog while you handle your day!

Private Sessions

Private classes are appropriate for all dogs, including those who may not do well in a group setting or are fearful of strangers.

Class Details

Mondays: 12:15pm
Tuesdays: 7:30pm

$190/6 weeks

Level 1: Puppy Life Skills

Puppy Life Skills is a 6 week group class that focuses on teaching both YOU and your puppy how to navigate their new world! Our classes are SMALL, with no more than 5 dogs per class. This means LOTS of individualized attention! You will watch your puppy grow into a confident dog as the weeks progress while they learn essential skills that will help them throughout their life.

They will learn proper house manners such as polite greetings and no mouthing, obedience skills including sit, down, loose leash walking and more. They will learn safe and appropriate socialization skills.

Most importantly, you will learn the art of communicating with your puppy which creates a stronger connection and enhances your relationship. We use only positive methods which makes training FUN and rewarding for both you and your puppy.

Level 1: Listen To Me!

Listen To Me! Is a 6 week group class geared towards dogs 6 months and older that have very little to no training history.

This class is focused on teaching your dog to ENJOY listening to you! Both you and your dog will learn essential skills to help you navigate common challenges in daily life. Your dog will learn important obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, come when called, and more. Most importantly, your dog will learn how to learn, making future training a breeze. Our classes are SMALL with no more than five dogs. This means LOTS of individualized attention!

Learning how to train your dog deepens your relationship and enhances the quality of your life together. We use only positive methods which makes training FUN and rewarding for both you and your dog.

Mondays: 1:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30pm

$190/6 weeks

Fridays: 7:30pm

$190/6 weeks

Level 2: House Skills

House Skills is a 6 week SMALL group class focusing on teaching your dog essential skills to help them become a polite family member. They will learn skills to help with common problems such as door dashing, trash raiding, and not settling down. In addition, they will level up their basic obedience skills by introducing new distractions to known commands such as sit, down, and coming when called.

This class is geared towards owners who are looking to help their dog stay out of trouble in the house, as opposed to reliable listening outside the house.

We suggest taking CGC Foundations to focus on improving your dog’s listening skills outside the house.

Level 2: CGC Foundations

CGC Foundations is a 6 week SMALL group class focusing on getting your dog ready to pass the Canine Good Citizen test.

Your dog will learn the skills they need to become a polite citizen in public. They will learn how to listen in distracting environments which makes outings more enjoyable for you and your dog. They will learn how to stay, walk on a loose leash, and come when called in challenging environments.

Upon completion your dog will have all the prerequisite skills needed to prepare them for the CGC examination.

Mondays: 2:45pm

Drop-off: 8am-12pm
Pick-up: 5pm-6pm

Available packages:
$625/ 5 sessions, must be completed within 5 weeks
$1,150/ 10 sessions, must be completed within 10 weeks
$1,575/ 15 sessions, must be completed within 15 weeks

Day Training

Day Training, our goal is to create a fun, stress-free environment where your dog will enjoy learning. We take a unique approach to training your best friend by offering only force free methods. Force free dog training differs from traditional methods because it avoids using punishment. Instead it uses your dog’s natural motivators and positive reinforcement to teach them new skills. We prioritize welfare, safety, and your dog’s emotional well-being in our training program. By emphasizing positive reinforcement, your dog will think each training session is just a game. The skills your dog learns become inherently fun, making listening to you at home super fun as well! 

For Day Training, your dog will be dropped off between 8am-12pm and picked up between 5pm-6pm. The exact pickup time will be scheduled at drop-off. A 15 minute follow up lesson is included when you pick up your dog, and your video playlist will be ready for you to view at home. As your dog progresses, at your discretion, we will take them on field trips to expand their skill set.

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions offer more flexibility for both you and your dog because the training plans will be tailored to fit your individual needs. Private classes are appropriate for all dogs, including those who may not do well in a group setting or are fearful of strangers. We can work on anything including basic puppy skills, focusing on a single challenge such as leash walking, handling issues your dog may experience at the vet or groomer, more advanced obedience skills, and more!

If you are interested in a higher level group class, you have the option of enrolling in private sessions to fast-track your dog to that level. The amount of private sessions needed to qualify for the next level class will depend on how your dog responds to training. After your first 3 sessions, we will have a better idea of when your dog will be ready.

Please call to schedule

$85/45 minutes

Read about our vaccination policy

Vaccination records must be sent to our office prior to arrival.

Puppies and dogs must be current on these vaccinations: DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordatella
Canine influenza is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Please discuss your pet’s vaccination schedule with your veterinarian. Titers will be accepted with proper documentation.

Training In Action

What our customers say about our dog training

We recently signed up for one of the 6 week classes for our 3 year old male dog. He can be dog reactive, very excitable, and anxious- which is a lot to deal with on the local walks. We signed up with the goal of learning how to manage these behaviors and have him learn how to self-regulate. The classes were tailored to our individualized needs each week. Lots of resources were shared and sent out to us. It was also great because it was a small class size, so I did not need to be constantly concerned another dog was too close for the comfort level of my dog.

Dog Training
Do you have a dog who could use a little help in the manners department? If so, Rylee, at Petra’s Dog Rescue Center is the person to see. She has helped our rambunctious puppy, Charlie, become “almost” civilized. He now responds well to commands and has mastered the art of paw/hand shaking. Everyone we’ve met at Petra’s has been friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the well-being of the dogs entrusted to their care. While we have not needed it, there is also rehab care and boarding available. In addition, doggy day care with puppy socialization is a wonderful program staffed by true dog-lovers. Charlie loves everyone who works there and gets excited whenever he knows we’re taking him there. Whatever training, boarding, or day care needs you have, Petra’s is the place to go!

Dog Training
Chance improved dramatically during the time with Rylee! He moved from a dog that would not listen to a dog that progressively listened to commands and improved along the way. An added benefit was the videos after each session which were emailed to us. We could review these as needed to make sure that we were doing exactly what Rylee did in training. Chance walks so much better! His leash is loose and he does no pull. He sits and sometimes even without a command! Just this week I introduced Chance to Enzo a big Sheep dog in our neighborhood. They have socialized very well the last three days! We could not be happier with our experience with Petra’s and especially with Rylee! And, the bath Chance received was excellent! He smells wonderful even a few weeks later.We will go back to Petra’s as needed. We highly recommend Petra’s.

Dog Training