Petra Ford is a Dog Lover, Owner, Trainer, Competitor and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Founder of Petra’s Dog Resource Center in NJ. She is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, believes strongly in the power of positive thinking and in holistic healthcare. Naturally, these beliefs extend to her own dogs.

The team at Petra’s Dog Resource Center are committed to providing the same high-quality service and care that we would expect for our own furry family members. We want to help you and your dog get the most out of life! In our Rehab Center, we work with you to maximize your dog’s quality of life using a holistic and individualized approach. Our boarding kennel reflects the high standard of care she requires for her own beloved pets—personalized one-on-one care combined with safety and cleanliness. The team genuinely LOVES all dogs, enjoys spending time with them and takes great pride in their work. We also offer training both in person and online.

  • Fear Free Certified Professional Petra's Dog Resource CenterBoarding Kennel & Training: Petra’s team personalizes each dog’s care and spends quality time with each guest in our newly renovated boarding kennel. We offer a wide selection of add-ons to keep your dog entertained during their stay with us! We offer puppy socialization as well as a variety of enrichment opportunities for your newest family member. We offer a variety of training options including stay and train for the day, board and train, and in-person training sessions. Call us to find out more!
  • NEW! Puppy Social Club: We are now offering individualized activity-packed Puppy Social Club & Doggie Daycare that will cater to your dog’s unique needs and interests. Find out more about our Daycare programs here:
  • Online Education: Petra is deeply committed to sharing her knowledge on how to communicate with dogs using positive training methods and brought to you via webinars, online courses and memberships.  Webinars and Memberships can be purchased in our Shop
  • NEW! Baths: We now offer Baths. Find out more here.


“I can’t imagine a life without dogs. I work with them, training them is my hobby, I live with them, they go almost everywhere with me. They make me laugh, comfort me, guard my house, are loyal and have pure hearts…

…Dogs are my best friends. They are affectionate, have taken me all around the country, have brought amazing people into my life and are always teaching me new lessons.  I am grateful and blessed to be able to combine all things dog into Petra’s Dog Resource Center.”


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